UTAH Boat winterization

We offer services mobile, or you can bring your boat to us.  We can come to your boat to winterize or shrink wrap for winter, or you can bring to one of our locations! Mobile Boat winterization service for Utah customers (us to you).  Or on site boat winterize services (you to us).  


It is imperative in Utah to winterize your boat, AND, more important, that someone who knows what they're doing does it.  Winterization is simple.  But if a step is missed, you can LOSE your motor.  Utah winters are the real deal!  Winterize your boat!  Let us help!!  We are mobile with our winterization AND shrink wrap services.  And we provide services at storage facilities. 


We have the best prices in the market for basic winterization!  We charge less then most boat dealers AND our winterize service includes MORE then most dealerships provide! Come experience the GoodLife!


Also offering winterize services that include storage for a low monthly payment.  Winterization, shrink wrap, and storage starting at $99 per month!! 


Scroll down for descriptions of services.  Scroll down for more details 



OUR COMPANY's Standard winterization includes:

1. add STAR TRON FUEL ENZYME stabilizer to fuel tank (non ethanol fuel treatment to help stabilize fuel over storage season),

2. RUN MOTOR (when possible)

3. Remove water from cooling system (both engine block and manifolds) and flush with RV NON-TOXIC ANTIFREEZE, 

4. FOG THE MOTOR which helps protect internal engine parts during storage and prevents corrosion of surfaces inside engine.

5. Disconnect battery terminal or turn battery switch to off.  We will also hook up float chargers if provided and/or requested.

5. Replace engine plugs and hoses so boat is ready to launch in the spring.


Other winterization services available (at a bit extra cost):

showers, sinks, heaters, ballasts, battery removal, oil changes, etc.  


Vdrive/Inboard boats are a bit extra. There will be an extra charge for no starts, or having to jump start dead batteries.  (No starts will still be made safe from cold weather). 


Our lowest advertised price refers to inboard/outboard boats.   


We absolutely guarantee our winterization services and we keep a digital record (pics and/or video) on file of the work we do.



We will wrap your boat below the rub rail using 7 mil plastic (many use 6 mil, not as good!). We can wrap lower upon request. We can also prep more for transport vs storage and weather - just let us know. We only do top quality work and use masts and a strapping system to build a good slope for snow to slide right off. We also use moisture bags and install vents. We take the utmost care while in and around your boat making sure to keep things clean and tidy. No extra charge to go over towers.


Why shrink wrap? Shrinkwrap protects against weather damage which will show itself during Utahs harsh winter months. OUR WRAP is guaranteed to hold and keep your boat dry for Utah's entire harsh winter season!* It’s waterproof– it can fully encapsulate just about anything, COST EFFECTIVE - better then indoor storage. 100% virgin resin shrink wrap with maximum UV inhibitors, You can’t afford NOT to shrink wrap your boat.

WHY CHOOSE GOODLIFE for boat shrink wrap and winterization?


    You can cross your fingers and hope that the seasonal hourly boat technician is being supervised the day he happens to winterize your boat,  OR, you can go with a local small business that's 5 STAR reviewed, experienced, and an excellent company that can't afford mistakes.  Our technicians not only know boats, they OWN boats.  We don't just offer the GoodLife, we LIVE the GOODLIFE!!  

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